• Daniel Gwizdalski

Making the most of the space I have

Minimalism is of increasing interest to me, and while I don't know to what extent I could fully embrace the minimalist lifestyle, I truly do believe less is more. With each move I've tried to let go of a few things that I've realized are either inconvenient or no longer meaningful to me.

Even more importantly, I've replaced a number of things with more "convenient" versions of themselves. Size, portability, and durability are of upmost importance to me, and the things I own reflect that.


KRK Rokit 4 Studio Monitors

My brother got me KRK Rokit 5 studio monitors for my birthday 3 years ago. They sounded incredible, but were too bulky on my desk and packed way more power than I'd ever need listening 3 feet away. I've since replaced them with the KRK Rokit 4's, which sound just as good (save for a bit of lowend), are about 75% of the size and about 50% of the weight. That reclaimed desk space has definitely come in handy.

Korg Kaoss DJ Kontroller

Probably the most impractical item on my desk: the Korg Kaoss DJ Kontroller. It's a ridiculously small set of decks with about all the DJ controls I could ever want. I haven't DJd since college, but the Korg Kaoss DJ is designed so well, is so fun to play with, and could fit in my backpack no problem to take anywhere if the opportunity should arise.

Alesis V25 Mini

Of equal size is the Alesis V25 Mini, a small midi keyboard with 4 drum pads that is extremely sturdy. This keyboard fits in front of my laptop on my desk and in my backpack if I'm on the go. I was even able to use a dish rack I found at TJ Maxx as a stand for both the Korg Kaoss DJ and V25 Mini.

These items, along with my Scarlett 2i2 audio interface, are my studio essentials. No matter how much space I have, I know I'll always be able to make it work with these items.


DJI Spark

My first drone was the Yuneec Breeze. I was initially drawn to its small footprint but subsequently disappointed by its lack of range and poor quality. I have since upgraded to the DJI Spark which is even smaller! I am continuously amazed that I can carry something so powerful with me around in my backpack.

Matador 16L Foldable Backpack

This bag is a lifesaver. It folds up to about the size of a potato, and when expanded can fit almost all my camera gear along with my keys, sunglasses, etc. I can fit almost as much in here as my 28L Fjallraven backpack, which absolutely blows my mind. It's water resistant, comfortable, and durable, and basically disappears when it's not needed.

Each of these products have helped me save space without sacrificing quality.

While I'm generally still looking to shed some more weight, it's awesome to know my must-have items aren't weighing me down.


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