• Daniel Gwizdalski

October Update

October was a weird month. I took a quick break to reevaluate my priorities as far as career exploration, relocation, etc., and sort of reached a breaking point with the looming uncertainty in my life. Despite networking with some amazing people, taking a quick getaway to California for work, and even getting promoted (Sr. Sales Analyst woo 👏), I couldn't help but feel like my energy was misplaced. November is looking a lot different (in a good way), but October was a crazy month for live shows especially. Not sure I've ever caught as many of my favorite artists back to back like this outside of festival season:

  • Chelsea Cutler at Chop Shop on October 2nd

  • Whethan with Louis Futon, Win + Woo, and Inzo at Concord on October 5th

  • Yoshi Flower & SG Lewis at Lincoln Hall on October 6th

  • Bon Iver at The Sylvee in Madison on October 20th

  • Valentine on October 26th

  • Odesza w/ RL Grime on October 28th

Anyone who knows me well enough can easily understand how excited I was for that packed of a month.. but it had its price. Driving to Madison 3 weekends straight and the longer commute definitely took its toll.. so much so, that (**surprise**) I'm moving back to the city! I'll be spending a few months in River North where I'll be much closer to the music, networking opportunities, and work itself once more. Not sure how long I'll be here, but I'm excited for what's to come.Cheers

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